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When Aesop can help

Aesop provides change and programme management, project delivery and implementation to business owners through interaction with their senior compliance, operations and IT managers across the core areas of their operation. We help you connect strategy, leadership and culture to achieve your purpose by creating transformations of lasting value.  We work with boards, senior management teams, leaders and staff at all levels.

Aesop provides four services;

Operational Review


Aesop can complete an in-depth and objective review of your business or department.  We then identify and address existing concerns within your organisation such as communication problems, issues with your operating processes, poor customer relationships, lack of profitability issues, or any other factors that affect the success and stability of your business.

The operational review also allows your management team to evaluate their performance, helping them to operate the business more effectively using relevant procedures, allocating  resources properly, and performing  tasks in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The operational review can also identify how well your business will meet future challenges.  The goals of an operational review from Aesop are to increase efficiency, revenue and to reduce cost.

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Process Engineering


The ability of a business to do things in a uniform and efficient way is of paramount importance.  New staff members must continue to apply successful processes without deviation.  In any regulated or measured environment not only must you do things to exacting standards, you must be able to provide clear evidence that you are adhering to the required standard.

Aesop can undertake an audit of your existing processes and enhance and develop them, working with you and your staff, to ensure a robust and demonstrable standard of professionalism and efficiency.  Where you have issues with missing processes, we can identify any gaps and ensure they are addressed quickly.

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Change Management


The ability to adapt and change is an integral part of a successful business. If you are going to do something differently in your organisation, then you need to ensure everyone is briefed, the solution has been piloted, and is implemented in a co-ordinated and professional way.  When change goes wrong, your business will feel chaotic and your staff will become disgruntled.

Aesop will simply manage your change for you, in a no-fuss and coherent way, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for the whole organisation.  Talk to us today about the solutions open to your business.

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Project & Programme Management


To deliver a project requires focus, skill, understanding and sometimes a dogged belief in the outcome when all others have doubt.  It is often difficult for an established member of a team to be able to objectively deliver a project.  Aesop provides solutions that enable you to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Ongoing programme management can be a drain on your resources unless you have a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO).  Aesop can devise practical arrangements that enable professional programme management without the need for full time resource.

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 We offer our services for the following areas in any business;

  • Service Design

    All aspects of the design of a new service, or the support of a new service. If you are undertaking contract tendering and need a service designer who can build a service around your solution then contact us.
  • Operations

    Aesop will help with all operational aspects of any business, from HR matters to service delivery to end customers.  Whether you need help with a specific issue you have identified or whether you need help identifying the issue we will come and help you.
  • Client or Customer Service

    Every organisation needs to do this well, the competition in the marketplace is fierce and to lose a customer through an issue with the way you deal with them is avoidable and unnecessary.  We can build and develop your team to consistently deliver world class customer service.
  • Governance and Compliance

    With the ever increasing focus in every sector for transparency and consistent standards your governance and management of risks must be clear, professional and well established.  Turn to us and we will help ensure you have a well governed and compliant organisation.