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20 May 2013

k6795300Changes in the health service

The NHS has recently undergone one of the biggest reforms in its history with the passing of The Health and Social Care Act 2012.  The principle behind the act is to modernise the NHS to safeguard its future. Read more…

29 April 2013

Planning for peaks and troughs

One of the most difficult aspects for any company can be the predicted demand for a product or service.  One of our clients faced an unprecedented demand for its products this month driven by the financial year end.  Read more…

15 March 2013


The Aesop team expands

We are very pleased to announce that Helen has joined the team.  Helen met Georgina whilst working in the heritage industry managing a historic house. Read more…

1 March 2013


Our new website goes live

We are very pleased to launch our new website.  We have worked hard to ensure this will give our clients a good understanding of our values and our methodology.   Read more…